Road to recovery…

To all our valued customers and friends:

Thank you very much for those who’ve supported us during these trial times. Now that the evacuation flights have stopped, we are taking slow and measured steps to recover from the devastation and resume normal operations. Difficulties remain great as both our bases, the BVI and Puerto Rico have sustained extensive damages. We are still displaced, without an office or maintenance hangar so operating our charter flights and taking reservations are quite a challenging process.

For those of you who have sent us a request for refunds and have not yet received a response, please be patient as we make our way up through the long list of e-mails.

All our planes are safe and sound and ready to serve. Some of us have no homes to get back to but we’re all glad to have spared life.

Thank you very much for your understanding.


Your Fly BVI Team

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on Oct 22, 2017