Vieques island is a true paradise, at least for those seeking solitude, worldclass food and accommodations, and sugarywhitesand beaches

ViequesAlthough Vieques has been named many things lately, Spanish Virgin Island and Green Isle among the new names, these names are not recognized nor accepted by the locals. Internet search rules forces the use of “Island” or “Isla de” but the reality is that the island is named Vieques. Pronounced “Bee-eh-kes” by the locals. To keep up with the Internet game I will use Vieques Island or Isla de Vieques on this website.

Vieques is not like any other island in the Caribbean. Most of its land is undeveloped due to the presence of the US Navy for over 60 years. The Navy had posession of 2/3 of the total land. As a result most of the beaches are located in undeveloped areas. In 2003 the Navy passed control of most of this land to the Department of Interior. Today the land is under Fish and Wildlife administration, making Vieques the largest national refuge in the Caribbean.

The beaches at the Refuge are pristine, clear, undeveloped, plentiful, and surrounded by wild native flora instead of concrete and asphalt. This is a place where horses are allowed to roam freely. Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, secluded bays… Come and see what true tropical sandy beaches are like.

Vieques sports the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world. If there is something you must do during your vacation in Isla de Vieques is to dive from the deck of a boat on a moonless night into the dark and serene biobay waters. You will see the water splash up in a burst of millions of lights like fireworks from undersea. As you move through the water you glow like a diving angel, and when you resurface, thousands of sparkling lights remain on you, if only for a brief moment, as if you were part of the magic. This natural wonder is still around for your enjoyment. Do not miss a trip to the biobay while in Isla de Vieques.